July 2, 2017

Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on Jul 2, 2017

This day is wonderful because number one Gods grace is the only reason I am NOT using nicotine to write this blog... Gods grace for ME... please talking about ME not anyone else... take what helps and let go and let God with the rest....Gods grace for me is Jesus cuz he don't use nicotine to live... he lives because of God in him in Gods love... God loves me unconditionally the Bible says so... it reminds ME when I was using nicotine to cope with MY feelings to lead ME to an early death... a heart attack... I used to smoke nicotine cuz I use to think like a victim... survivor of childhood rape by my father beginning at age 6 until I was 15 when I left house... I use to smoke nicotine over all the PAST hurts caused by others as a child and later by choices I made as I learned right wrong choosing by my own free will... then born again on November 6,1986..... in TIME.....over 31 years.... living one day at a time... I became responsible for my actions now.... in TIME....Gods love has healed me from victim mentally and matured me in Christ character to be 31 years co dependent FREE...12 step group called Alanon...30 years sober....12step group called Alcoholics Anonymous .... growing up in alcohol n evil childhood home...12 step group Adult children of Alcoholics...then PROFESSIONSAL therapy for childhood rape issues....then sent to bible group for childhood rape survivors... then blessed by Jesus with a cold turkey quit to help other suffering nicotine addicts RECOVER... by sharing MY experience strength and hope with those who WANT it.... these 31 YEARS of walking with Jesus is only because of the Holy Spirit of Christ in IF God did ALL this for ME.. honesty with MY past and present by giving ME eternal life in Christ Jesus he will do it with you... a FREE GIFT... read it for yourself 1Corinthians chapter 15 verses 1-4...please read it for yourself... thanks for letting ME be me and share God loves me unconditionally in Jesus name amen... your FREE will to choose.... while there is still time.... gentle hug. NOT ONE PUFF OVER ME!