New ME

Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on May 9, 2017

I used to smoke 50 cigs a day. Only by Gods grace I am nicotine free TODAY. I wanted to share the new ME. Before cigs were on my mind ALL THE DAY. The first 90 days I stayed on this site EVERYDAY. I would read the blogs and sometimes comment. I took the SUGGESTIONS share in early RECOVERY to stay close write blogs to share what I was going through and then the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE came quickly to HELP teach ME to be NEW. I was given HOPE, LOVE, prayers, ideas, books to read, other recovery sites to go to and come back to share PROGRESS. I would WELCOME newcomers by sending hellos or welcome graphics. I am NEW because I think of OTHERS FIRST just like I was taught by ALL those who helped ME. I became like those RECOVERY FROM NICOTINE TO BE HELPFUL TO THE NEXT SUFFER NICOTINE ADDICT. I am NEW by the examples set here by those who STAY QUIT NO MATTER WHAT TOGETHER. I am NEW cuz those who taught ME are still here and so am I  in Jesus name amen. Please take what helps at this moment and let go and Let God. Big hug and kiss on each cheek for all. NOT ONE PUFF OVER ME!