attitude adjustment

Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on Mar 11, 2017

just stopping by to bring attention to the FACT that i have NOT USED any of MY EMOTIONAL EXCUSES to use nicotine over MY ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT TO LIFE ON LIFE TERMS. Please remember I am only talking about ME. I wanted to let all RECOVERING NICOTINE  FAMILY  MEMBERS KNOW I am not taking one puff over ME and adjustment are going smoothly as life takes twists n turns due to choices others make yet as a BLOOD FAMILY some members CONSEQUENCES affect ME. I am learning to trust the Holy Spirit to teach me to trust my Lord Christ Jesus as I help to be a servant of encouragement while dealing with FACTS of water fluid build up in my daughter 31 year old body so far her right lung has been drained twice 1 pint of fluid the tube was replace another X-ray blood work and WAIT test results backed up doctor over load so WAIT some more. I think of prayer now not nicotine escaping in Jesus name amen thanks for letting me share.  It's my youngest who CHOICE to do this to herself by INHEALTHY CHOICES yet it involves a lot of people who suffer with her cuz  WE CHOOSE TO LOVE NO MATTER WHAT by faith I will still hang on to Jesus n trust his will for her eternal life in Him. Amen I am cried OUT HELPLESS POWERLESS and greatly rejoicing the battle is the Lords! HOORAY FOR JESUS ADJUSTED MY ATTITUDE TO BRING GLORY TO HIM BY NOT USING NICOTINE I USE PRAYER N BLOG BLOG BLOG BEFORE I TAKE THAT FIRST PUFF OVER ME! Hug n love all of you thanks for reading!