Where is Your Quit?

Blog Post created by JACKIE1-25-15 on Jul 7, 2018

I have been on this site for several years and I have seen many come and go and come and go for whatever reason. Some have their reasons and some have EXcuses for leaving. I won't take the time to list them it would be too long.  Some stay smoke-free, some don't but let me move on.  The bottom line is BecomeanEX is a support group.  You come here to give and receive  SUPPORT.    We offer encouragement, wisdom, experience, and information to help you in your quest to be free of nicotine.  We try to motivate and inspire but you have to be willing to do what is necessary not to smoke. You have to use the information, tools, and skills and keep them with you.  When quitting smoking there has to be is a change in the mind and lifestyle in order to make a change within yourself.  In order to have success, your quit has to take on a life of its own.  It has to become more than just a number of days (DOF)  To All Newbies: How to Care for a Newborn Baby Quit  bySkyGirl

 I have seen some members come to EX and become obsessed with EX, they express how much they love EX and forget about nurturing their quit.  For some, EX becomes their social outlet to have fun instead of focusing on the quit.  Nothing wrong with fun, don't get it twisted.  I have seen it quite a few times and for the most part, they fail because EX has become the QUIT instead of the QUIT becoming part of them.  It is still up to you whether you smoke or not. Your quit has to go and be wherever you are.  What if the internet crashed?  In the beginning, it makes sense that you need to be here more often.   As your quit grows, if possible you should be offering support to help others.  Lifting someone else up helps your quit to grow to maturity.

Whether you visit here daily or not your quit still has to go where you go.  It breathes when you breathe.    No website, medication, patches or anything else can do that for you. Let me say it a little clearer...Your quit is not  EX, Chantix, Welbutrin, NRT's, gum, lozenge, your quit buddy, etc.  It is what is inside of you.  You have to develop a new mindset in order for your quit to grow.  Accept that it is a choice that you and only you are responsible for.  No one else, just you.  No EXcuses,  she/he made me mad, I got drunk, lost my job, bills past due, got sick, my partner smokes, just one will do me, I was lonely,  etc.   Been there done that.  EXcuses will destroy a quit.

You can do it if you bring your quit to life. Yes, EX is great but the quit is about YOU.  Ask yourself,  Are YOU  willing to do whatever is necessary by any means necessary to stay smoke-free?  That is what it takes a commitment to do anything else besides smoke.  SINAO  So Do It!   Believe that YOU can NO MATTER WHAT is happening in your life. NOPE  No more EXcuses.  Stop worrying about failure, believe that YOU can and YOU will. Be serious about quitting smoking and live the life of freedom.  SINAO  Smoking is not an option, for me. 

A wise elder once said.

The quit, my friend, is in you.  Only you.  And if you succeed, it's because you wanted to.  And if you return to smoking, it's because you wanted to.  Not something you want to hear, I know.  It's not the stress and it's not the pain and it's not the loss you suffered that returns you to cigarettes, it's you.

So take smoking off the table.  Once you quit, KNOW in your heart that you will never....no matter what....ever pick up another one.  It's there in you where you'll find your quit.  It's through your strength, your commitment, your courage that you will keep your quit.

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