Random Thoughts 5/10/2019

Blog Post created by mrios5776 on May 10, 2019

I have been under an incredible amount of work and home pressure recently and I was reflecting on it. I found it odd that I do not want a drink or to smoke a cigarette (though there are times I wish I had both! LOL)

I quit drinking in my late thirties. I was in my third or fourth serious attempt to try and quit smoking and noticed alcohol was a trigger to heavy smoking for me. I decided to not drink while I was trying to quit smoking and thought how much money I was going to save by not doing either. Long story short I quit drinking and continued to smoke, so much for well laid plans! LOL @ ME! That was twenty four years ago and I rarely drink now.

I continue not to drink as a hard fast rule as I do not miss how bad I felt after a hard bender. That I quit drinking because I was trying to quit smoking I have always found humorous. Just shows God has a sense of humor too! I understand alcoholism is a serious addiction as well and am in no way trying to make fun of or belittle anyone that has that addiction and is trying to deal with it.In trying to beat one addiction I wound up beating another and am very thankful to feel I have finally defeated both! 

It is just so wonderful to take a deep breath and feel so much freedom! To not cough and hack, to not feel the terrible throb of a roaring hangover! These are gifts given to me for which I know I will have to fight to keep for the rest of my living days.