Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on Jan 6, 2018

ALL praise honor and glory to GOD! For God alone has brought ME this far in Jesus name amen.... please take what helps and let go of the rest thank you! It seems like yesterday I remember my husband said WE cant afford your cigarettes AND paying the rent... i asked if we could live in the blazer so I could continue using nicotine.... he said no sweetee I like having a home to live in ... so I attempted another I WILL QUIT THIS TIME.... i got down to 2-3 cigs from 50 cigs a day yet I ended up ALWAYS getting ONE more pack...i was coming here since October 2010....since I saw their tv commerical with that man trying to drink coffee for the first time without smoking.... i would read the blogs here and i was eating healthier and exercising and I quit a whole day NOT ONE PUFF and I used nicotine because this guy had the same quit day as ME and I didnt LIKE him or THAT so I smoked again.... then one night before bed I got down on my knees and cried out to Jesus... Dear Jesus if you dont take these cigs from me I am gonna smoke them until I drop dead in Jesus name amen I woke up the next day with a COLD TURKEY QUIT.... I was nicotine free in Jesus name...I try to come here in gratitude all these years for Gods grace giving ME this free gift and I share what I use to be a 50 cigs a day user of nicotine for 38 years I tried everything off and on to quit on MY own and failed...please I am talking about ME not anyone else... then I admitted complete defeat I was powerless over nicotine and made the decision to pray and ask Jesus for help then Jesus healed ME of my nicotine addiction... only by Gods grace TODAY SEVEN YEARS NOT ONE PUFF OVER ME.... the solution...I gotta give it ALL away by trying to share the TRUTH about what happen to ME and leave the outcone in Gods hands in Jesus name amen.... this is MY recovering from nicotine story..... SEVEN YEARS....still exercising eating healthy and coming here each day God breathes his life breath into ME and reading blogs and receiving the love help from everyone here to BLOG before I take that first puff over ME! Thank you EVERYONE for helping and praying for ME to stay quit no matter what in Jesus name amen