80 Days Today!

Blog Post created by Hannahkim12345 on Jan 23, 2021

 I truly believe that with God’s help all things are possible. When I look back at my life, I wonder how I survived some of those hardships. It certainly wasn’t because I was particularly smart or strong. I see God’s hands through it all. At that time, sometimes, I thought “this is the worst thing that can happen!” But years later, it turned out to be the best thing. As Christians, we have learned God’s way is the best way and when tough times come upon us, we faithfully trust that God will see us through. My quit has also been God’s will. I prayed about it for almost two years. I though it would never happen. I was just not strong enough. I, deep in my soul, didn’t want to give it up. I continued to pray asking God to change my heart. God changed my heart and now I have 80 days today! Praise God!