In Loving Memory~Tribute to Smorgy8513~R.I.P.

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Jun 23, 2020

On May 21st of last year Ex. lost one of our own. Smorgy8513, AKA-Sharon.

I personally never met her but I had read many of her posts. She was very special to many here and will always be remembered. In her honor I wanted to make sure she was added to the Elders Paintings. This photo was blurry and a bit difficult to paint but I worked all day today on it. I think it will need some more work but I guess its okay for now. I will probably fuss more with it in the next few days...


The people on this site touch my soul. Sharing your hearts and helping each just does not get any better than that. Sharon started a blog on Loving yourself and I wanted to post one from that blog that spoke to me, in hopes it will lead others struggling with their quit-their life or whatever...that they may turn and love themselves. I highly recommend going back and reading all of that blog on 'Loving Yourself'.


From Smorgys Blog:

Good morning to my lovable friends here at the EX!       

Why is it important to learn to love ourselves?

Let's talk about that, ok?

I think (for me) a big one is that if I don't love myself I won't believe that I deserve good stuff!     And being smoke free is REALLY good stuff.

I smoked for so many years and now have cancer to show for it.     But I am blessed in that they found the cancer because I had bronchitis....not because I was so far gone that I have symptoms of the lung cancer.

So.....back to my reason.....I  need to love myself so that I won't go back to smoking   (1302 DOF today!)

What is your reason to learn to love yourself?


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A perfect message from a beautiful Soul. R.I.P. and Never Forgotten by us Exer's





If Anyone has any information of her family, I would like to send this to them or if anyone here had a special friendship with her, I will send it to you. Message me. Thanks