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Quit Stats

Member since: 9/14/2015
Quit date: 10/13/2018
Medication: Cold Turkey
Pledge streak: 395 days
6M 3W
Life saved
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My Quit

October 13, 2019 We are one year quit. There were days we thought would the craves would never and the anxiety was worse. As the days moved on so did the craves and anxiety. We started to realize life is good without that nasty habit. There are struggles, but nothing will be solved by picking back up again, if anything day one comes again and that was a *&%#$ . We have no regrets because we have not picked back up again. All of you have been so helpful. Thank you so much. August 13 2019 we have been quit 10 months today. Its been hard at times, but over all the last 10 months have been beautiful. Walking away (if possible) has been one of the best tools we have used with this quit and avoiding triggers. It was not possible at every time, but it really does help. Quitting was the best thing we could have done for our heath, and now that we have a hold on the addict we are addressing our eating habbitts. Wow we feel even better. When we cant, we walk July 17 2019 its time that we start keep our profile updated. We are just over 9 months quit and we are so proud of ourselves. Today i (mary) celebrated another milestone. Someone got me very upset and I lashed out but never once did I think of a smoke. I am so proud, not that I lost my cool, but that I did it without a thought of a smoke. My wife and I are together 24/7 so we are quitting together, one thing I found out it is harder to quit when you can afford them, but we are doing this for health reasons. the main thing I think we are both worried about is putting our weight back on, we have both lost a lot (her more then I) we are very active we own and operate a cleaning and janitorial company but with that is a lot of stress. Years ago she had 10 years quit and I had 3 years we are not giving it up this time, life is to precious and short to waste it.


No matter how busy you get stop at the Q once a day and make the pledge. Always remember YOU WILL ALWAYS REGRET PICKING BACK UP, BUT YOU WILL NEVER EVER REGRET QUITTING. Keep your mind body and hands busy. Clean, cook, reorganize, walk, walk,walk, read, watch a movie, anything to help the crave pass.