Getting Serious About Depression

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Hi all!  I've read a lot lately about people feeling depressed here.  Some say it's the quit, some say it's life.  I have worked in the mental health field for years and also have some family members diagnosed with major depression. 

Let me tell you why I always suggest talking to a professional.  There is a huge difference between feeling like you lost your best friend kind of depression through quitting smoking and the I can't get out of bed or function kind of depression.  One you'll learn to work through.  The other may need professional treatment.

Sure, quitting may make you feel depressed and going through NML may make you feel depressed and you may just be having a bad day that makes you feel depressed.  We all have times like that.  They happen.  You can wait them out because they don't last long or you can ease them by doing something you love.  Distract yourself.  Focus on something else.  Breathe through it. 

Depression that may need help includes when you can't get out of bed and function through your day.  Unusually it lasts over two weeks but if you pay attention, you may notice other things as well.  A lack of interest in things you used to love.  Not bathing or using other hygiene skills.  Isolating from loved ones.  A lack of feelings at all.  Or suicidal thoughts.

Most mental health agencies have sliding scales so even without insurance, you can afford to get help.  Talk to your primary care physician if you don't want to talk to someone else.  Get some professional advice.  They may say you are ok and what a relief that will be, right?!!  Or they may suggest further assistance.

Please don't take depression lightly!  Be aware and make informed decisions. If you can talk to us, you can take it one step further and talk with a professional as well.  Ok?  I'm not trying to scare you.  Just reminding you that your mental health is important.



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