About Badges, Points, and Leaderboards

Document created by theexteam on Jan 29, 2017
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Why have badges, points and leaderboards on EX at all?

We use badges, points, and leaderboards to do several things:

  • Reward great contribution
  • Build a strong sense of community
  • Engage new or inactive members 
  • Help new members learn their way around the Community
  • Help all members easily identify the active and engaged Community members who can help them with quitting or site advice


In the past, we know not everyone has liked the badges on EX, or the fact that some people were just "gaming the system" to try to get badges. We have re-designed the badges to address the 5 things mentioned above, rather than for silly reasons (like starting a new group just for the sake of starting a new group) or for quitting-related milestones.


However... badges, points, and leaderboards are motivating for some, and can be particularly helpful to orient new members to the Community. But, if badges and other game elements aren't for you, that's ok, too! 


How do I earn a badge?

You can earn these "Quest" badges in the EX Community as of now:

  1. Pathfinder: Designed to help new members (and long-time members who are new to this platform) learn their way around the Community
  2. Props to You: Designed to reward members who help others in a meaningful, positive way.
  3. Changemaker: Designed to reward members who contribute high-quality content that gets shared by others.
  4. Friendly Fellow: Designed to reward members who are helpful to others in the Community.
  5. Freedom!: Designed to celebrate announcing yourself and visibly participating in the Community.


Click on any badge to see what actions you need to do to earn that badge!


You can also give other members the following badges:

  • Thank you!
  • Nice work!
  • Celebrate!
  • Happy birthday!
  • Welcome!
  • Congratulations!


Where do I find the badges I have?

On your profile, click Rewards.


How do I give someone else a badge?

Simply go to another user's profile, and in the top right corner where it says "Actions," click "Give badge."


What about "Missions?" What are those?

When you participate in the EX Community, almost all your activities earn points. Missions are patterns of activity that show off your expertise, so you can "level up" in that area.


Why have leaderboards? 

You may have noticed leaderboards across the EX Community. We're working to make those a bit less common throughout the Community, but the reason for them is two-fold:

1. It makes it easy for newer or not-as-active members to see which members of the Community are very active, and know who to ask for help or guidance.

2. Some Community members are motivated by things like points and badges, and it acts as an incentive to become more active and engaged in the Community.