Big Things Coming for Ex

Blog Post created by dr_hays on Mar 9, 2016

Yesterday, Dr. Amanda Graham, shared a BIG announcement in her first EX blog, Exciting things on the horizon for EX!  Dr. Graham and her EX team have been visionaries in developing a personalized treatment approach to meet the needs of each EX user and my NDC colleagues and I are thrilled to be a part of this development.  If you have not yet had the opportunity to read her blog, I encourage you to follow the link above and have a look. 

One aspect of EX 3.0 that I am personally excited about is the foundation on which this program will be built.  We believe the latest research in tobacco dependence treatment, the integration of new and old technology, and most importantly, YOUR experience and input as EX community members along the quit smoking journey will be key to supporting others in stopping smoking.  Research gives us a good idea of what treatments and interventions will work for most people.  However, each person is unique and will need different forms of support, information, and inspiration as they navigate the quit process.  Our hope is that EX 3.0 will be able to offer the tools and content needed to meet their individual goals and connect them with other motivated EX community members. 

Many wonderful and exciting things will be happening over the next year as we make this transition.  Along with those changes may come the occasional technical hiccup, which is why your patience, trust, and input is important to us.  I will be joining Dr. Graham for an online chat on Wednesday, March 16 from 1pm – 2 pm Eastern to answer questions about the changes with EX 3.0.  I hope to see you there!