Bad Weather Can Be Your Friend!

Blog Post created by dr_hays on Jan 8, 2016

When people discuss what they don’t like about smoking, topics can range from health and physical fitness to the smell on their clothes and in their home.  One big reason to stop during the winter months, especially in the colder areas of the country, is to end the hassle of standing outside to smoke in bad weather.


For those who live in cold weather climates, the prospect of bundling up and going outside to smoke is really more than an inconvenience; it can downright hurt and feel embarrassing.  In addition to all of the other reasons to quit, the benefits of not having to brave the elements just to smoke a cigarette can make us feel better about ourselves (and keep you warmer and drier too!)



If you’re looking for ways to keep your motivation fresh, I encourage you to consider a list of how stopping smoking during the winter can be beneficial. Here is a partial list to get you started:


·         Not having to stand in the bitter cold

·         No need to go to the store for more cigarettes

·         Less tracking snow and mud into your home

·         Feeling ready to enjoy the nice spring and summer weather smoke-free


Go ahead and give it a try!  See what kind of unconventional stopping smoking benefits you might come up with.  Anytime is a “good” time quit, but stopping in the winter can certainly have extra benefits.