Benefits to Stopping Smoking

Blog Post created by dr_hurt on Dec 16, 2011

Each person who decides to stop smoking has personal reasons for making such an important decision.  Many people stop smoking for health reasons:  to breathe easier, cough less, and reduce chances of stroke, heart attack, respiratory diseases and cancer.

Some people stop smoking simply for the amount of money that they burn each time they light up a cigarette.  The cost of a pack of cigarettes is so high that it becomes more and more difficult for many people to afford to smoke. 

Looking good is another good reason to stop.  Smoking ages the skin by affecting the elasticity and causing wrinkles.  It robs people of a beautiful smile by yellowing and staining their teeth. 

A common reason for stopping smoking is simply to be free from the addiction to tobacco.  People who smoke have to deal with triggers and urges every single day.  Through the process of stopping, these urges become less and less over time.  Ex-smokers report a feeling of relief from the anxiety of constantly knowing when and where they can light up when the urge hits. 

If you are a person who recently stopped smoking, we hope you’re enjoying the many benefits that come with a tobacco-free lifestyle.  If you haven’t yet made the commitment to stop, think of all the benefits to taking this important step.