Smoke Free In 2011

Blog Post created by dr_hurt on Dec 31, 2010

Many people use New Year's Day as the day to stop smoking.  Quitting smoking is always a good idea.  You can begin a smoke free 2011 with a New Year's Day quit date.  You may be concerned that a resolution to stop smoking might fade and go the way of weight loss resolutions, but, each new quit attempt is more likely to succeed than the last.  Think carefully about your past attempts and build upon any past success, be it a day or an hour.  Use the www.BecomeAnEX.org site to create a plan that will succeed.  You will never forget the day you stop smoking because it was the first day of the New Year. 




The New Year provides an opportunity for renewal and starting over that is welcomed by nearly everyone.  It brings with it a positive kind of energy that can help move a person through the tough days that come shortly after stopping smoking.  So no matter when you choose to stop smoking, whether it be as a New Year's resolution or some other day, always remember you are doing something for yourself that will pay large dividends no matter when you choose to begin.  Have a good 2011 and if you are one of those who set New Years Day as your day to stop smoking take it one day at a time.