Holidays and Stress

Blog Post created by dr_hurt on Dec 17, 2010

The holidays can be a difficult time for smokers who are trying to stop smoking.  Holidays are typically busy with family commitments, financial stress, and the many situations that put pressure on people.  It’s important that you put some thought into how you’re going to manage the holiday stressors without using tobacco.

During stressful times when events seem out of control, it is especially important to take good care of yourself.  Focus on something over which you can gain control, rather than on events that are not under your control.  Smoking will not solve worries and it is not an effective way to manage stress.  Find real ways to build your body’s stress response: laugh, do something you enjoy, talk with a friend, and get active.  Check out the becomeanex.org website and click the picture at ‘Re-learn Stressful Situations’ to see how you might imagine your colleagues in a way that will make you laugh. 

Surround yourself with the people who offer you the most support for your new healthy lifestyle.  Limit your time as much as possible with people who smoke and ask them not to smoke around you or offer you a cigarette.  Plan in advance about how you will be able to slip away into a smoke-free room or outside environment for those times and places where you know relatives and loved ones will be smoking. 

Put some fun time and effort into being good to yourself during the holiday.  Happiness relieves stress.  Look for recreation throughout your day.  Enjoy!  As the song says, ‘Don’t worry. Be happy.’ And, soon you’ll be able to add – ‘Be healthy!’