Thanksgiving for Having Quit Smoking: Counting My Blessings

Blog Post created by dr_hurt on Nov 20, 2009

This Thanksgiving review why you are thankful for having stopped smoking.  The 10 rewards listed below have been related to us by our patients who have re-learned their life without cigarettes. Use this list to help you recall your own tangible rewards and then make your own top 10 list.

1.      I can breathe better and I have more energy.  I can go up a flight of stairs without stopping.

2.      I have better self-esteem – I don’t have to sneak around buildings, or hide from neighbors or co-workers anymore.  I am happier, and I smile more, now.

3.      I don’t have a tobacco odor anymore.  When I get on an elevator, or walk past others, they don’t turn their nose away from me, or hold their breath.

4.      I am saving the money I would have spent on cigarettes for a nice vacation.

5.      My spouse and children are so happy I have stopped smoking.  They tell me how proud they are of me.

6.      I don’t have to interrupt my time with my grandchildren to have a cigarette.  I can be at their birthday parties from beginning to end.

7.      I don’t have to limit where I go or what I do.  I have more freedom to do the things I want to do.  I can sit through a two hour movie and truly concentrate on the movie.

8.      I don’t have to roll the window down in my car when it is freezing outside – and those riding with me aren’t exposed to my secondhand smoke.

9.      I don’t wake in the middle of the night worried that I don’t have enough cigarettes for the morning.

10.     During the holidays, I can show my friends and family that they truly are the most important things in my life –by spending all my time with them, and not leaving the party to smoke.

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