Blog Post created by dr_hurt on May 29, 2009
In recent years, a Chinese company has manufactured an “e-cigarette.” The e-cigarette uses a small battery that atomizes a liquid solution of nicotine, and when an individual inhales the device, a vapor is dispensed, mimicking smoke. It was also designed to mimic the effects of smoking by having a small red light at the tip that lights up with each “drag.” The e-cigarette has been introduced as a product to be used where a smoker cannot smoke and as a product to assist smokers with stopping smoking. Because there is no combustion of tobacco, e-cigarettes are marketed as being less harmful than traditional cigarettes. However, there have been no studies of how much nicotine is delivered by an e-cigarette, to what depths of the lungs the vapor reaches nor what other chemicals or gases are in the vapor. It is not a product that has been approved by the FDA, so at this time, we do not recommend the e-cigarette to our patients as an alternative to smoking or as a method to stop smoking. There are seven medications that have been approved as safe and effective to help smokers stop smoking. Click here to learn more about those seven medications.

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