Native Amerocan 

Blog Post created by indingrl on Jan 25, 2021

MY husband gave ME a medallion for RECOVERY for a Native American


ONLY by MY Daddy Gods grace - am I still a non smoker accepting life on life's terms with an attitude of gratitude and the FACT that MY Daddy God has loved ME and brought ME out of MANY MANY addictions and - I never thought I could EVER live without these addictions - YET - in MY Lord Jesus name - and with EVERYBODY'S EXamples and reading EVERYONE'S blogs to HELP ME to stay a JOY filled non smoker living with - s.i.n.a.o. - as DEATH comes nearer for MY Ma who has been in hospice 7 MONTHS - I been SMELLING cigarette smoke for the past 3 days now and some days I come here 2xs a day or 3xs a day to GET an attitude adjustment and - to read and read and read and keep educating MYSELF and NOT go to MY pity party and  - I pray throughout MY day and come here and hold on to NEWBIES teaching ME to remember to be grateful and to accept MY reality - TODAY - and FACTS about growing inside and knowing that - I am better at grieving and accepting FACTS about death and aging and all the feelings to feel and still live MY OWN life and to enjoy MY life with thankfulness to MY Daddy God 1st for blessing this Native American with NEW newbies and sage Elders - that have had loved ones who died or are dying - I am so glad -  I have MY non smoker family members here-  to share their EXperience with grieving and death and STAYING a non smoker - thanks for letting ME grieve