Blog Post created by indingrl on Jan 26, 2021

TODAY 1-26-21

MY grandson turns 14 yrs old and his mom - Jaime made his cake at her job yesterday - it is a vanilla cake and strawberry's in the middle and ALL whipped cream

It is MY 6th DAY NO SUGAR and I will PASS on eating cake in MY Lord Jesus name amen

TODAY these are some of MY blessings from MY Daddy God in His love and grace and mercy - to let ME live as a JOY filled - NON SMOKER - just  enjoying MOMENTS in MY day - to EXperience this WONDERFUL celebration of MY grandson -  Dakota turning 14yrs old -  ahhhhhhh these sweet times in LOVE spending time with blood family in MY Lord Jesus name amen

Gosh it is nice being FREE from nicotine