Blog Post created by indingrl on Jan 3, 2021

Nothing was happening - NO chaos

Nothing was happening - NO problems

Nothing was happening - NO NOTHING

I came to ask for HELP at learning how to DEAL with living a WHOLE day with NOTHING happening

This is MY personal QUIT TOOL - which was a hard one to learn and enjoy living a WHOLE day for ME - relaxing and enjoying a WHOLE day of NOTHING and please I am talking about ME not YOU or anybody

I woke up ONE day and I had PEACE beyond all understanding in MY HEART - it was the year of January 2017 and just celebrated 6 YEARS as a NON SMOKER on the 6th and the DAY MY 60th bday on the 17th -  in which I had just received news MY daughter Jaime was out of an - 8 DAY COMA

This is what happened BEFORE the miracle of MY Daddy God waking Jaime up

The doctors had to put her in an induced coma because she was bleeding to DEATH with internal BLEEDING from DRINKING ALCOHOL her personal choice and she was in Colorado and WE had no monies to go to her bedside  MY choice was fasting and praying for MY daughter from the depths of MY soul - which is MY mind - going crazy with WILD funeral planning and MY will - which was INSANE because now I was demanding MY Daddy God to DO MY WILL - just HEAL HER - then - MY EMOTIONS - which were filling with FEARS unimaginable from a mothers HEART thinking of her youngest ADULT child dying from alcoholism and believing it was MY fault


I am an active member of Alanon - since November 6th 1986 and I just celebrated 31 YEARS by working the 12 steps of recovery on ME not anybody else - the FACTS not FEEEELLLLING thinking - Jaime chose of her own free will to drink herself to ALMOST dying - long story short ONLY by MY Daddy Gods grace - she lived and is sober TODAY and still TRYING to get on liver list

NOW back to MY PAST 60th bday

MY praise and thanking MY Daddy God for waking her up on January 17th 2017

Here is what happened prior to that MIRACLE GIFT DAY

The doctors did bring her out of the coma to see how these 3 rings they put on her main vein to stop the bleeding was working then - BAMM - bleeding from her rectum started so doctors put her BACK in coma and fixed the bleeding and told her best friend to call her family to say GOODBYE because doctors did all THEY could so the best friend text me the doctor report - long story short

MY Daddy God had others plans for MY daughter

There it ALL worked out for EVERYBODY and that is when NOTHING happened to ME

I grew up in pure evil of alcohol and child rape from age 6 and had NO parents just alcoholics for GENERATIONS and I was use to CHAOS living day in and day out

NOW January 17th 2017 - ONLY by MY Daddy Gods grace - I was a non smoker 6 YEARS with NOTHING happening - so this is what I was taught by EVERYBODY here

Just breath in and out and learn to relax and enjoy this DAY only and blog to let newbies KNOW they are days when NOTHING days become EVERYDAY DAYS which are filled with peace beyond all understanding

MY FACTS TODAY -  MY mama is nearer her end of her life and ONLY by MY Daddy Gods grace I am breathing in and out and praising and thanking MY Daddy God for EVERYBODY teaching ME to keep learning to ENJOY MY

Ahhhhh NOT YET - just for TODAY -  I will DO nothing by just breathing in and out and enjoying MY non smoker day