Blog Post created by indingrl on Dec 17, 2020

Yahoooooo TODAY and ONLY by Gods grace for ME - I have 3633 days of nicotine freedom - TODAY 12- 17 - 2020 - YEAH BABY and  -  MY Daddy God is so kind to let ME live 3633 days without using nicotine to cope day by day - because of ALL the stuff happening IN my day  - a HUGE difference - I learn to accept and to keep separating others life from MY own life and FACT is -  MY ma is in hospice -  NOT ME -it took ME years to LIVE MY OWN LIFE - and not other peoples lives because I am addicted to people approval - NOT TODAY!!!!!  ONLY by MY Daddy God grace and in HIS love I am healed in MY Lord Jesus name AMEN -  please I am talking about me not YOU or anybody - so please do NOT be offended  - TODAY MY life has HIT hard with life on lifes terms and with FACTS and not feelings - which come and go - TODAY facts are - DEATH WILL COME TO EVERYBODY -  it is just that TODAY - some of MY family are at the FRONT of the line and what keeps ME moving - please I aint talking about YOU or ANYBODY - I am ONLY talking about ME - what keeps ME moving -  is EVERYBODY has someone hit by covid19 -  so I am NOT alone and - MY husband whole family is on locked down in their home - EVERYBODY has someone in HOSPICE dying of old aging body issues - so I am NOT alone - EVERYBODY has someone dying of LUNG cancer caused by SUCKING ON DEATH STICKS by their FREE WILL CHOICE - so I am NOT alone - and EVERYBODY has smoked and stopped and smoked and stopped - so I am NOT alone and  - ONLY by Gods grace - I have surrender to MY Higher Power who is God and HE has blessed ME with ALL those here on this site WHO are recovering - day by day -  to NEVER take another puff EVER over themselves - and I want to thank - EVERYBODY here -  for teaching ME to live -  JUST FOR TODAY - I believe and live by SAYING OUT LOUD to encourage MY self in moments when I want to have a SELF pity party TO STOP and say out loud - smoking is NOT an option - because EVERYBODY is NOT using life on lifes terms to SUCK ON DEATH because LIFE HITS SUDDENLY AND UNEXPECTED in EVERYBODY'S NON SMOKER DAY - and I shout -   Yahoooooooooo - I am FREE to cope with ALL life on lifes terms that just -  HITS ME in the FACE SUDDENLY and MY HOPE - FACT -  I have EVERYBODY HERE as MY teachers and  - to ME - EVERYBODY'S - God with SKIN on and I believe - in HIS love -  toward one another -  WE help each other to keep growing up inside and to keep learning from one another to live NICOTINE FREE day by day - I am so very  glad to be of SERVICE to EVERYBODY - TODAY and -  in HIS love and that is MY belief - please I aint talking about YOU - I said it is MY belief and I just wanted to say thank you to - EVERYBODY