Blog Post created by indingrl on Nov 29, 2020

TIPS for quitting smoking - TIPS for COLD TURKEY QUIT - TIPS for tools to have READY when a crave hits - TIPS for 30 DAYS - 60 DAYS - 90 DAYS to stay quit - TIPS - to infinity - TIPS offered - YET left UNREAD - I was ALWAYS looking for that EASY way OR that QUICK way -  so I wouldn't have to SUFFER CHANGE OR GROW UP and STOP letting MY FEELING THINKING lead ME around - I WANT - I FEEL THINKING - I WANT - I FEEL - MY BIG BABISM OF wanting feeling - just to get MY way -  to smoke and THEN try to tell MY excuses to ANYBODY that enjoyed bull caca living in denial - aka - Dont Even Know I am lieing - as to WHY -  I smoked again and stopped and smoked again and again and again - to DO stop smoking the WAY I want -   which was to smoke BUT NOT GET CANCER - there MUST be a way the GREAT indingrl will DISCOVER smoking without DYING and  - MY PRIDE blinded ME for YEARS and then - I willingly admitted to MY HEART that  - MY way NEVER worked - so It was a MUST for ME that a NEW CHANGE was to learn to read and read and read and for ME to take NOTE'S for ME - to CHOOSE NEW ideas OR different WAYS of thinking - NOT FEELING THINKING - I had to be WILLING to admit - I did NOT want to quit smoking - I just didn't WANT CANCER - I had to SORT out  - MY IMMATURE FEELINGS and LOOK at FACTS about smoking - even though I knew the FACTS - SMOKING CAUSES LUNG CANCER - and ALL the others CAUSES from smoking - I had to write it down on PAPER - I need to learn a NEW WAY of looking at these TRUE FACTS about smoking with FRESH EYES that WANTED to live NICOTINE FREE - found this the other day - TIPS - just to HELP a newbie - ONLY after ALL these YEARS living as a non smoker did I realize these TIPS HELP ME too - sometimes MY PRIDE blinds ME in emotional and mental intellect - YOU KNOW -  WHEN I THINK - TODAY THAT-  I AM BETTER THAN OTHER'S AT STAYING QUIT - and - then -  I start to BELIEVE - it won't HAPPEN TO ME - I wouldn't SMOKE over that - then - BAM - I see how I am judging other's WHO keep smoking over and over - I FORGOT the YEAR'S it took MY Daddy God to CHANGE ME inside and ALL the HELP that HE sent to ME working through other's EXPERIENCE to teach ME - n.o.p.e.  - day by day and -  ONLY by MY Daddy Gods grace - I surrendered MY pride and I see BUT FOR THE GRACE OF GOD GO I - when other's are so COURAGEOUS to blog and admit defeat and ASK for HELP cause they smoked again  - TIPS offered MUST be read - YET - the outcome of EACH individual is - MY BELIEF - in MY Daddy Gods outcome - NOT MINE - for this I am so thankful to HIM for blessing ME with ALL OF YOU GOOD TEACHER'S - n.o.p.e. learned - in MY moments of this day only - it is ALL I have to live this 16 hours  - I go to bed at 8pm - and just for TODAY - I enjoy this DAY ONLY by living - n.o.p.e. and breath and then move to the next second - minute - 15 minutes - BAM - I lived this DAY -  ONLY -  by MY Daddy Gods grace