Smoking Is Not An Option 

Blog Post created by indingrl on Nov 9, 2020

MY emotions are TRYING to run the show in certain moments of MY day - I realize how immature I am at COPING with people - I live in an apartment 3 floors and four apartments on each level - LOTS OF GERMS - 1 washer 1 dryer - 1 washer was broken - 1 dryer 1.50 to use and does NOT dry good for 1.50 - I have been waiting for the GOOD dryer for almost 2 HOURS - then I go in laundry room to check the dryer 1.50 that I paid to use - the person using the GOOD dryer - took MY clothes OUT of the washer and put MY clothes in the GOOD dryer - HELLO covid19 rule's - I don't know WHO this person is IF they have covid19 -  so I came to VENT - now IF covid19 wasnt an issue it would be a nice gester correct? COVID19 is real and I do NOT want MY clothes TOUCHED by anyone - thanks for listening - NOW MY husband's ma 97yr old had mild case covid19 and was 2 days is hospital and is being sent home by drs and her grand daughter is picking her up this AFTERNOON and last night at midnight MY hubby sister 70yr who is his ma caregiver - NOW the grand daughter will be because the 70yr was taken by ambulance to hospital at midnight last night and that is all MY husband was text  - and WE just got update -  right NOW - that the 70yr sister has bacterial pneumonia and was tested and HAS covid19 - s.i.n.a.o. for ME to stuff all MY emotions TODAY - yet I find MYSELF thinking of ways to escape MY REAL world - FACT for ME a solution is that I STOP and pray and when I prayed and started breathing again just in and out breathing and kept MY big mouth shut and asking in prayer for MY Daddy God to save ME from being angry about MY clothes being touched by GERMS -  I had a healthy lunch and finished a load of wash and now two loads are drying and then sheets are next and that person is being prayed for that touched MY clothes and prayers for family are said and on November 6th MY ma who has been in HOSPICE 4 months - cries out in the middle of the night - I want to LIVE and woke her caregiver UP - which is MY sister 56 yr old and she comforted OUR ma and they went back to sleep and NOW Ma has been up in wheelchair  and eating and visiting and sitting out on porch enjoying nature and enjoying life - aint it grand MY Daddy God is still into miracles - ok now I am ok - I pass the test of acceptance in ME and MY heart attitudes - always look for the GOOD anyway - thanks for listening