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JANUARY 6- 2020 - ONLY BY GOD'S GRACE - should MY Lord Jesus tarry - COUNTDOWN FOR ME - JANUARY 6- 2020 - please I am talking about ME -  not anyone else - please take what HELPS and let go of the rest -to be HELPFUL is MY only aim -  thank you - YES - YES - YES - I am so - XCITED TO BE AN XSMOKER and a FAMILY MEMBER of this site since - OCTOBER 2010 and also a family member of - blessings to Joel S at that site - excellent book he wrote - NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF EVER and in MY Daddy Gods love - I love EVERYBODY here - it is written - God is love  - God's grace has given ME HIS love for MYSELF and EVERYBODY here - EVERYBODY IS EVERYONE HERE - in HIS love - I thank EVERYBODY for teaching ME to live in - TODAY- December 31, 2019 - YET - I just get sooooo VERY xcited about being  ALIVE INSIDE OF ME -  SO GRATEFUL to MY God for letting ME - live as a NON SMOKER -  TODAY- it is ALL I have - YESTERDAY is gone - tomorrow is NOT here YET  - MY TODAY is a gift from - MY God blessing ME with EVERYBODY HERE - TODAY - MY present is - MY learning from EVERYBODY in MY Lord Jesus name amen - Thanks for letting ME share MY experience strength and HOPE with EVERYBODY here - TODAY YOU NEVER know -  it may be MY lastSUDDENLY happens - it has been 4 months TODAY that MY adopted 27 year old son was killed in a SUDDENLY motorcycle accident and ONLY by MY God's grace - I didn't use HIS death as an excuse to suck on death sticks - I prayed and came here to blog BEFORE - I took that first puff - THANK YOU EVERYBODY for teaching ME - to blog FIRST - YOUR blogs which have and continue teaching ME SINAO - Smoking Is Not An Option - no matter what life on life's terms - SUDDENLY happens to EVERYBODY - even to ME - thank YOU to EVERYBODY for keeping ME - open- minded and growing by YOUR examples and HEALING by MY Daddy God's unconditional love -  that I receive from EVERYBODY here - by YOUR being MY living examples for ME to follow OR make a NEW CHOICE to change OR to take the simple SUGGESTION - to just breathe slowly  -  and EVERYBODY personal  BLOGS-  teaching ME - to pray for the willingness to be willing to learn from EVERYBODY here and learn how to keep  acceptance - to LEARN more and more - acceptance - to living a joy filled DAY- ONE MOMENT at a time  - in the midst of storms while - taking the hit of SUDDENLY  and to keep moving forward - THANKS EVERYBODY - in MY Lord Jesus name amen