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TODAY -  only by God's grace -  I have 3230 DAYS as a NON SMOKER!!!!! Yahooooooooooo - WAY TO GO indin grl and GOOD JOB indin grl please take what HELPS and let go of the rest - to be HELPFUL is MY only aim - thank you - a gentle hug to MYSELF with a kiss on each side of MY face - I would like to thank - MY Daddy God and MY Lord Jesus and MY precious Holy Comforter - FIRST - for without THEIR love and grace in ME - I would be DEAD from smoking for 38 YEARS - I would be DEAD from SUCKING ON FIFTY DEATH STICKS A DAY -  to cope with MY inside issues - I PRAISE and THANK MY Lord Jesus -  HOORAY FOR JESUS HEALING ME I thank God for Doris who taught ME everyday to thank God - Doris who is in heaven NOW - she would vist MY page every NEW day back ON THE OLD SITE in October 2010!!!!!  - I would like to thank JoAnne who taught ME to send love to everyone here and share HOW I stay a NON SMOKER - ONE BREATHE at a time - I thank the good OLD boys with some TIME in THEIR NEW MINDSETS -  Thomas and Dale and Tommy and RickI thank Dakota grl who taught ME to smile each DAY the best I could with MY paralyzed face from getting a flu shot and boy did I hate to pray for the DOCTOR yet I did and do pray for him - that doctor who told ME - NOTHING -  about side effects from a FLU shot - NOW 12 YEARS LIVING with a stroke face!!!! It is written - VENGEANCE is mine saith the LORD- I hate the flu shot and that DOCTOR money grubber- yes I do God's will for ME and pray and love and forgive that doctor by faith in MY Lord Jesus in ME by faith and MY Holy Comforter teaching ME to pray for those I resent by faith in Jesus name amen - please I am talking about ME not anyone else -  yet I NEVER took ONE PUFF over ME or any of MY life on life's terms - it won't give ME back - MY smile   I deal with MY EMOTIONS and live in MY REALITY - so if you don't have a paralyzed FACE - smile and let YOUR face know YOUR in RECOVERY from NICOTINE - PRAISE MY God I am a  NON SMOKER - TODAY 3230 DAYS I would like to thank Aztec who taught ME to keep honoring God and HELP others and thank you legend aka Christine who taught ME to keep loving the spiritually bankrupt humans who are ignorant of living with bells palsy from the FLU shot I got out of MY ignorance and to keep moving forward in Jesus name amen and I thank mother goose aka Connie who taught ME to eat more veggies and jojo who got a DOUBLE lung transplant - WHO gave ME her WISDOM - I  remember one DAY I was wanting to SUCK on DEATH - I didn't want to be responsible for MY CHOICES - I wanted to die by SUCKING on DEATH STICKS again - I was feeling thinking - sitting on MY pity pot - getting another ring around me butt - sitting in MY OLD ADDICT habits and patterns of emotionalism and twisted OLD mindset - stinking to high heaven and I remembered -and I CHOSE to blog instead - MY VENTING BLOG -  MY woes about how I wanted to smoke again and jojo said she lived with stage 4 LUNG CANCER - her consequences from smoking at that time- BEFORE she got a miracle from MY God  - she told ME to put a plastic bag over MY head and then SMOKE - that was HER life at that time - stage 4 LUNG CANCER - she said - her SLOW suffocation as NON SMOKER LIFE - ONE BREATHE at a time - she NEVER TOOK ANOTHER PUFF EVER and I did not smoke that DAY- I CHOSE to believe jojo and NEVER TOOK ANOTHER PUFF EVER  - I remained open- minded and teachable - no matter what MY life threw at ME and I continue to blog - BEFORE - I take that FIRST PUFF OVER ME - jojo got a gift from MY God - a double lung transplant - she doesn't come here anymore - I thank God for Joe Spitzer at - Joe has been teaching NICOTINE ADDICTS for YEARS - he has dedicated HIS life to HELPING NICOTINE ADDICTS -  from HIS HEART -  Joe taught ME to -  NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF over ME ever -Joe taught ME - that NICOTINE leaves the body in THREE DAYS- PHYSICALLY  - then I need to - LEARN a NEW way of THINKING -  not feeling thinking - I need to keep learning NEW ways to handle MY thoughts and MY feelings  -  to COPE with MY one - DAY ONLY - not anyone else's DAY - that I learned from MY God - other human's are - NONE OF MY BUSINESS - I surrender ALL human's to MY God - they are HIS BUSINESS   gosh it is wonderful to be a NON SMOKER RECOVERING from MY big babyism - TIME to grow up - that's what I was taught by those STAYING NON SMOKERS - oh please forgive ME - I don't know how to @  names - so if your name isnt printed in MY blog - please don't be offended - this isn't about you-  thank you TODAY is MY attitude of GRATITUDE to MY God for those people who taught ME in MY EARLY DAYS - this ain't a popularity contest - this is learning to NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF EVER - taught to ME by Joe at - these people here -  SUGGESTED -  I go there and EDUCATE MY self on MY NICOTINE ADDICTION ONLY - not anyone else's -  I am CELEBRATING MY DAY of LIVING as a NON SMOKER for  - 3230 DAYS -  of learning and growing and being HEALED inside of ME in Jesus name amen - I learned the hard way -  NO ONE will do it for ME - I was taught by Joyce Meyer who celebrated recently 40 YEARS LIVING AS RECOVERING NICOTINE ADDICT in Jesus name - HIS WAY - HIS TRUTH and HIS LIFE for ME - not talking about anyone else - please and thank you - one DAY at a time- Joyce Meyer - SUGGESTED to ME  - to STOP and to THINK what I am THINKING about - so I STOP when I get babyism - MY pride in ME rears its ugly head and tries to convince ME to play God in other people's lives - NOT TODAY - there is a God and I am not HIM   I continue to PRAY and I thank God for MY God and HIS tender mercies for I know only by HIS love and grace and tender mercies -  I live just for TODAY in Jesus name amen - gentle hug