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It is a wonderful gathering CELEBRATING OUR brother- in- love service - 4 hours travel -$8.00 in tolls and half a tank of gas with MY God's blessings - NOT ONE THOUGHT OF SUCKING IN A DEATH STICK - to cope with DEATH - I am so glad God transformed ME on the inside to grow up and be responsible to feel MY feelings and breathe in MY REALITY in HIS love - to watch MY husband enjoy and grieve and greet and meet childhood family - 35 - 40 YEARS later - he recognized them - they did NOT recognize him - they apologized and they laughed together and remembered their Dad who met MY husband at age 13 yr old - so the kids grew uo together and their dad was like a dad to MY husband - BEAUTIFUL flower arrangements throughout and it smells so good the mixture of scents of flowers - each person bringing peace and happiness while grieving and sharing their individual relationship with Ron - at work - at church - family and friends - ALL knowing - WE WILL MEET AGAIN - SOON AND VERY SOON - you NEVER know - thanks for lettimg ME share - gentle hug