Labor Day

Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on Sep 2, 2019

I googled the meaning of Labor Day and in a nut shell - aka - short version - it is a day to celebrate the American workers who have LABORED DAY AFTER DAY AND YEAR AFTER YEAR - ALL WHO  HELPED blessed this NATION through their WORKING THEIR INDIVIDUAL job's to HELP KEEP America as a NATION -  to prosper and to keep AMERICA AS A NATION to grow strong in ALL areas -- WE HELP each other and support one another to teach the next generation to pray to God to keep America ONE nation under God - each INDIVIDUAL responsible to this NATION - where FREEDOM RINGS -so I thank EVERYONE who has participated to teach FREEDOM to themselves by working a job they love and paying their share of individual taxes and fighting to protect this NATION and keep America strong from ALL our NATION'S  enemies - foreign and domestic - May God bless this Labor Day celebration with HIS mighty hand on America in HIS will for this NATION  in MY Lord Jesus name amen - please take what HELPS and let go of the rest- to be HELPFUL is MY only aim- thank you - be safe and please remember - NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF EVER - gentle hug