Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on Aug 24, 2019

TODAY is precious to ME - I am grateful to God for blessing ME for 8 YEARS NICOTINE FREE since January 6 - 2011 - to this very precious moment - TODAY August 24 - 2019 and it is only by HIS grace and love and tender mercies - I am living as a NON SMOKER - I pray to remain open minded to KEEP learning and growing and healing - I was taught that TODAY -  is precious - ONE DAY at a time -  broken down into breathes and into moments and into seconds depending on how well I am STAYING in TODAY - dealing with MY life on life's terms and STAYING in constant contact with MY God - I had a good night sleep - then I woke up and I pray - I do what I gotta do in the early morning personally to begin MY TODAY - then I exercise - I pray some more and then I learned that MY husband - who just happen to get this Saturday OFF- usually he works every Saturday  - He asked ME to walk the mall with him TODAY - our weather is rainy season the past few days - I was taught this prayer and asked MY hubby if he would like to start OUR TODAY saying it together - I prayed it out loud and he liked it and agreed to pray it  -  we say a body pledge prayer each morning in OUR Lord Jesus name- the prayer I was taught because I was desperate - I replaced MY addiction from mind mood altering chemicals and poison to FOOD - FOOD had become MY DRUG of choice  - for ME -  any FOOD to escape feeling MY insides - I was 275 lbs and lost weight and NOW weigh 220lbs - I ain't escaping over MY weight gain by USING MY DRUG NICOTINE -  I was ready to give up exercising and just pig out and gain ALL the weight back to be 275 lbs again and just die of obesity consequences - health issues - then I prayed and asked MY God for help - and I was given hope by two others who struggled with FOOD and HELP others - they SUGGESTED this prayer to ME - the prayer is - TODAY - I will feed MYSELF when I am hungry and honor MY body's signals of fullness. TODAY - I will be attentive to how MY body feels and to choose foods that make ME feel good. TODAY - I will look kindly at MY body and to treat it with love and respect. TODAY - I will practice more quite time with MY Lord Jesus to seek HIS will in ALL areas of MY Christ LIFE STYLE. TODAY - I will show more compassion toward MYSELF amen - We thank OUR GOD for HIS love and tender MERCIES for MY husband and I know ALL we have done in OUR past lives to OUR bodies and TODAY - is precious to us to show - OUR God by OUR ACTIONS - that WE are very grateful that OUR GOD let us live TODAY and to also show by OUR ACTIONS - WE are willing to go to any length to HELP other's WHO suffer from many addictions and afflictions - that there is HOPE - join support groups - that is where I started in 1986 and NOW in 2019 only by God's grace and love and tender mercies -  I have come here almost everyday to give away ALL that was given to ME freely to encourage other's who suffer from NICOTINE addiction and share MY experience strength and HOPE that I used MY DRUG NICOTINE for 38 YEARS and at the end of MY using 50 DEATH STICKS a day while doing MY bible study and just LIVING MY Christ life - I was in full flight from MY reality until I saw becomeanEX t.v. commercial and at I watched Bryon's early death video which brought ME out of MY denial - I am a RECOVERING NICOTINE ADDICT - only one PUFF away - NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF EVER  - TODAY is precious and no matter what - I will STAY a NON SMOKER and keep an open mind to KEEP learning from others and growing by taking what HELPS and let go of the rest and HEALING to be HELPFUL to any whosoevers - thank you- gentle hug