Praising MY GOD❤

Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on Jul 24, 2019

Thank you ALL for your prayers in MY Lord Jesus name amen - MY daughter's liver is healed - PRAISING MY GOD ! WE went yesterday for this GOOD news from the liver doctor's - who told her and us that she will NOT need a transplant - her liver numbers went from 29 -  40 is the worst and TODAY her number is 18 and the best is 6 - which is ALL human's healthy liver number  - the liver doctor's - SUGGESTED -  she stick with her RECOVERY FROM ALCOHOL support groups - and they will see her again in October and the liver team strongly SUGGESTED for her to get a alcohol counselor - to keep learning how to COPE with her mental and emotional issues so she does NOT use alcohol to COPE with her life on lifes terms -  day by day - they want her to keep going to her support groups and keep doing on line recovery assignments and to get her insurance switched to blue cross - the liver team wants to get her approved to get on the list - just in case and she is still NOT approved to get on the list - still needed to fulfill all the liver team requires and the liver doctor said - IF you choose to drink alcohol again -  why should we waste a new liver if YOUR going to drink alcohol and die - when we could give it to someone who wants to live - stated gently with FACTUAL TRUTHS - none of us took offense because she needed to be confronted with the FACTS and the truth from the liver team with ALL their bases that need to be covered - if she needed them - so WE are still thanking and PRAISING GOD- in MY Lord Jesus name amen- gentle hug❤