Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on Nov 22, 2018

HAPPY thanksgiving day from MY moms house in TN-me....NEW-we are staying with my mom at her house-FULL OF HER TREASURES-HER 86 YEARS OF STUFF-me-NEW-means staying in the DAY-not the PAST-MY childhood PAST-is gone-i CHOOSE-to live in the PRESENT-memories flood in-ALL mixed-me-NEW-I tell myself-its 2018-NOT 1963! I tell myself-mom asked you to visit her-she believes she will NOT live to see her next bday-me-NEW-7 years nicotine free and by Gods grace in MY Lord Jesus name-i will stay free in Him by His love joy and peace in ME-NEW-in Him-i tell MYSELF-today i am NOT-6 years old!