Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on Nov 21, 2018 7 years coming here day after day-it is change MY old mind-to NEW mind-by reading-watching videos at BEFORE i use-to HELP all others who suffer from NICOTINE addiction-then i discovered - dry - dry is MY heart attitude that speaks LOUDER when i am at that jumping off place- its that place when i read a BLOG-which is an intimidating TRUTH- its a TRUTH that brings NEW FACTS - not feelings-feelings come and go-feelings are fickle-this intimidating TRUTH isnt about ME- the BLOG is THAT PERSONS experience being shared to be HELPFUL to WHO EVER READS IT-this BLOG brings up in ME a character DEFECT that i thought i made peace with-then i find MY behavior and actions to be - dry - aka using behavior that is SMOKING at this person who wrote the BLOG to HELP- DRYNESS OF MY HEART WHICH TOOK OFFENSE-INTIMIDATING TRUTH-i was jealous-i was still wanted vengence on that family member who hurt ME-11 YEARS has past since the hurt occurred- dry - i didnt deal with this in MY heart-i blamed the INNOCENT person-i read the BLOG-and kept ALL MY - dryness - by telling MYSELF - I already dealt with that and that family member- i am acting LIKE i smoking at that person- then i prayed to accept that I was a - dry RECOVERING NICOTINE ADDICT-who still had unforgiveness against MY OLD part i played in the situation and instead of STAYING DRY in MY recovery from nicotine-i made peace with God-MYSELF-and another person-NOW i know when another person is talking about them selves and it stirs up MY DENIAL inside of ME and causes deep resentment to come up i deal with it quickly OR that - dry - will be MY using nicotine over ME taking offense because of MY pride- MY LESSON LEARNED and still willing to GROW in MY -dry- and the question-am i taking offense at an intimidating truth because i still want to hurt them cuz they hurt ME and am i willing to use NICOTINE and die early OR face MYSELF-and remain joy filled and grateful to God i am nicotine FREE inside and out - and well oiled in Gods intimidating TRUTH-forgive your SELF - take your OWN heart inventory and keep growing in MY Lord Jesus name amen please take what HELPS and let go of the rest to be HELPFUL is MY only aim-thank you-please i am talking about ME not anyone else-thank you. Love yall-each and everyone in His lovd-it is written-God is love.