Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on Nov 15, 2018

Just received news MY family member -age 23 chose to USED drugs to cope at the loss of his daddy -who died using nicotine- consequence lung cancer and using alcohol consequence alcoholism liver disease and his CHOICE to cope with his life on life terms-his mom found him dead in his bed. SINAO-N.O.P.E.-NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF EVER OVER ME-LIFE IS A CHOICE FOR ME TO BLOG FIRST-MY aunt has lost 2 adult children-4 grandsons- from them choosing to USE-just ME sharing and thanks for reading i do appreciate you all here helping ME only by Gods grace 7 YEARS CONTINUED NON SMOKING LIFE IS PAIN DEALING WITH IT-ONE DAY AT A TIME-THANK ALL OF YOU FOR TEACHING ME TO HELP WHEN I HURT TO GET OUT OF MYSELF-I appreciate all of you in MY Lord Jesus name amen please take what helps and let go of the rest-thank you! I am talking bout ME not anyone else! I will trust God no matter what-i may not understand it all-i will trust God anyway! Amen