Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on Nov 11, 2018

JUST NOW I ASKED-God for HELP in MY Lord Jesus name amen-please take what HELPS-let go of the rest-to be HELPFUL is MY only aim-thank you-MY best friend shared HIS love and let ME read for MYSELF-healing LOVE WORDS-this person counsels ME with TRUTH that CUTS THRU MY-denial of causing MY OWN PAIN-by making a mountain out of a mole hill and pole vaulting over a mouse turd! MY new day is MINE-JUST NOW-MY friend taught ME-to be grateful for MY good night sleep-to be thankful to MY God yesterday is passed and by Gods grace-NOT ONE PUFF OVER MY DAUGHTERS OWN DISEASED LIVER AND LOW POTASIUM-the passing of MY failures and MY success of MY yesterday-its joys-all of your BLOGS-COMMENTS KEPT ME MOVING-i learned to take comfort in MY remember to obey MY Holy Comfortor inside of ME-God heals ME and teaches ME to turn MY beloved daughter over to HIS care-MY Lord Jesus sets ME free from MYSELF when I am TRYING to do the impossible-I am TRYING to change the actions-attitudes or FUTURE of anyone other than MYSELF! JUST NOW I give up -ALL MY anger-bitterness-taking personal offense-envy-hurt feelings by others actions that troubled ME-in MY Lord Jesus name I forgive ME amen-JUST NOW-I ask to change MY attitude toward MYSELF and ALL others to be in GODS LOVE-ACCEPTANCE AND COMPASSION-in MY Lord Jesus name amen JUST NOW-I pray for TODAY to keep trusting God with ALL MY needs-ways-desires-pain-hurt-joys-and expectations-fears and MY BIG BABYISM-I will look forward to MY new day to follow Gods will not MY will-JUST NOW in MY Lord Jesus name amen