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I was already working out daily BEFORE I quit using nicotine and then when I was blessed by MY Lord Jesus with a cold turkey quit on Jan 6, 2011 I continued to workout by walking.....just walking with Leslie Sansone...dvd walk at home...not even knowledgeable about nicotine hurting MY heart....I was very ignorant of the research that already existed about the drug nicotine.....God has blessed ME yet I must continue to educate MYSELF....aint no one gonna do it for Today I learned by Gods grace I am still working the biggest muscle in ME for the better....MY Heart...both physically and spiritually.....MY Daddy God is so loving and filled with tender mercies for ME....I am so grateful to be able to walk still by putting MY PHYSICAL BODY INTO ACTION.....prayed and got MY butt off the couch in My Lord Jesus name amen and amen....PLEASE take what helps and let go to the be HELPFUL and sharing is caring....thank you.....yes I finally made it to the where did I leave those rewards I was gonna pass on....hmmmmm.....found them....badges given in love love love.....gentle hug to God don't make junk and he LOVES you!