Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on Apr 29, 2018

OLD ways.... I do not need to use or think on any longer.....such as first thoughts pertaining to nicotine throw away ALL MY OLD THINKING especially MY FIRST THOUGHTS....or....NEW thoughts......TRYING A NEW WAY OF NON SMOKER LIVING IN LOVE OF GOD ME AND OTHERS.... .I get to choose each moment of this day ONLY....OLD or NEW.....first to use pray and ask MY God for help in His NEW ways to think of NON SMOKING living is try to pray for help serve always think NEW NON SMOKER WAYS to share or pass on helpful ideas and things taught by others here in living a NON SMOKER life..... dealing with all MY emotions or troubles or joys or just a off day from all of learn to relax in MY OWN remind MYSELF.....attitude of gratitude or make a list of things to be grateful for when horror members health failing....husband sick and used up all cash getting foods and medicine YET still have need for gas.... FIRST TRY NEW thinking..... all is possible when I put MY GOD FIRST ABOVE ALL ELSE...remember to breathe....I am NOT alone.....everyone has troubles.... gas money...NEW thinking ....come here to re group....get through the rest of the afternoon by reading the blogs someone is always hurting more and SUFFERING more than ME.....try to be an encourager or take a nap...this too shall pass.....please take what helps and let go of the rest thank you and .....may WE all take time to  be NEW in thought word or deed to make choices for you by faith in MY Lord Jesus name amen to continue NEW thoughts feelings to be responsible to a NEW NON SMOKER thought life style. Please keep coming BACK.  Thanks for letting ME love love to all here.