Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on Jan 4, 2018

I have a CHOICE to look and see.... I have chosen along with my husband to be a homemaker since 2008....we enter the 10 years now by Gods grace... alot of adjustments with NO job to hurry off too.... NO extra car to drive off at a moments notice to go where ever I want when ever I want too.... IF I desire to go anywhere now I call for a ride... we walk the mall or go to a Bible study group or once in a while to eat out... for most of the time I am home... the home is clean and meals cooked ahead and the extra frozen for another time... my time WAS spent on HOW to use MY time which is so short and very precious to ME now... I learn how selfish I WAS and can still be IF I choose.... today I visit here at this site or at my bible study group and was taught to make a list of names and pray for them... I have learned that sonetimes God prepares ME to spend His time in prayer and giving up I and ME and SELF the ism of ME ME ME ... to lift up those who are lost.... those who think they are unloveable... those who believe they wont be forgiven by God ... those who desire to kill themselves because it HURTS to live.... those who think nobody cares anyway... those lonely.... those addicted to nicotine.... those who are suffering physically from their consequences of using whatever to escape responsibility for themselves... those who are just plain sick and tired of being sick and tired of just being.... those who suffering not being able to breathe.... those so over weight they cannot breathe or walk.... to those who will not open their mind to LOOK and SEE ... you can choose to pray for ALL those who hurt.... for in doing so you too will be healed and know in your heart IF YOU HAVE JESUS AS YOUR SAVIOR AND LORD.... you have become his loving instrument that is HELPING to surrender MY SELFISHNESS to save others as I LOOK AND SEE I was never alone never unloved never that sinfilled i couldnt be forgiven and NEVER that selfish that i wasnt willing to give up MY time at home to write a letter to the lonely..... make hats or blankets for the sick...LOOK AND SEE and ask God who may I help please while there is still time in Jesus name amen please let ME not be consumed with ME for I am boring with ME on my mind..... help me to look and see those here on this site who need hope those you will put on my mind as I freely die to SELF and look and see there is unending prayer for some  ONE in Jesus name amen God blesses ME now to look and see you ....ALL..... here on this site and your the MOST important ones to ME for by Gods grace there go I .... remember God will use any who so evers IF you choose of your own free will please take what helps and let go of the rest NOT ONE PUFF OVER ME... read the Bible for your self in Romans chapter 10 verses 9-10 while there is still time.... look and see!