Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on Nov 30, 2020

ONLY by Gods grace - I have NOT SUCKED ON 180,800 unsmoked cigarettes TODAY - I remember MY FIRST day without cigarettes - I woke UP and raced to MY computer back then - I clicked on becomeanx and STAY on the site ALL day until bedtime - EVERY single day - hmmmmmmm - did I replace MY nicotine addiction with becomeanx - maybe it is time to MOVE on and ONLY come here ONCE a year on MY quit date - I shall PRAY and seek MY Higher Power - who is MY Daddy God - hmmmmmm maybe its time for this elder to PASS the baton to the newcomers which are NOW the elders - SOUNDS GOOD to me - I will PRAY on this a while - I must walk MY words reading the blogs of those who HAVE left and blog on their anniversaries - I will get back to y'all AFTER I read and read and read to see what's best for ME - NEW n.o.p.e living - hmmmmmmmm - addicted to this site - hmmmmmm would I STAY a non smoker without coming here EVERYDAY - hmmmmmmmmm