Suggested to ME

Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on Jun 6, 2017

Indingrl here... please take what HELPS and let go of the rest in Jesus name amen. It was SUGGESTED to my by Sir Mark to join groups so I could be MYSELF... I ASKED  groups TO JOIN and that allow me... I BELIEVE.... to reply.. I will express my gratitude and thankfulness to MY CHOICE OF MY HIGHER POWER... Jesus..... these groups are YEARS YEARS OLD AND I ASKED TO JOIN.. also letting them know I will share my gratitude for Jesus and MY RECOVERY FROM NICOTINE... we are still FREE TO CHOOSE OUR OWN HIGHER POWER...JUST LIKE OTHERS HERE WHO TOLD MARK I BOTHER THEM WITH MY JESUS RECOVERY BLOGS... yet THEY CAN BLOG WHAT THEY WANT.... each of us CHOOSE OUR OWN HIGHER POWER... I believe I too have this FREEDOM NOT JUST THE PEOPLE WHO COMPLAIN TO SIR MARK ABOUT ME AND MY RECOVERY BLOGS TO BE HELPFUL ONLY SINCE JAN 6, 2011 I BLOGGED THIS.... ALWAYS STATING PLEASE TAKE WHAT HELPS AND LET GO OF THE REST.... so I am waiting to see IF I am allowed to join the groups ..FYI.... I tried to join the train group and the celebrating anniversaries group...but it said my http was DELETED so I wasn't allowed to fill out questions for joining train group and celebrate anniversary group... thank you and hug. Love love love wins TODAY FOR ME in Jesus name amen.