If you leave the light on, I'll leave the light on

Video created by JonesCarpeDiem on Jan 22, 2019

    There's usually someone here to help you.

    Stay close


    She has a great story (see link below)


    She is a total original.

    Started out as a banjo player.

    Says the outdoors is her thing.

    Went to Paris and got into the colors of dancing

    Found the ease of songwriting and her own style.


    That repeating segmented keyboard figure is very similar to banjo picking.

    I wonder if she ran her banjo through a synthesizer?


    Why do I post things like this?

    Because it's good to get out of yourself when you get a craving

    Learn new things. Hear new music.

    Experience feelings without a cigarette.


    Masterclass Pharrell Williams Maggie Rogers - YouTube 


    He was KNOCKED OUT by her originality