Danged withdrawals, ain't they a *****!

Discussion created by donpauli on Apr 10, 2017
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Smoked a lot of years and a lot of cigarettes. Hate to think of the jars I had outside to stash the butts. Disgusting. It's day 7 and I'm doing alright. The obsessive thoughts and feelings to have a smoke are as it from another place. Suddenly I have a huge urge and mental picture of lighting up. Woo. Takes a few minutes to shake it off.

One strategy that is working is not having any cigs around. I 'm not going to jump in the car, drive to the store and in California pay over $8 a pack.

Think about how much you save in a week. For me it's almost a car payment in a month. 

Have you thought about a rewards game? Here's how it goes. Think of something you want: a new shirt, dinner at that new place in town, new walking shoes. OK when you've saved up enough money from not smoking TREAT yourself to that very thing. Congratulate yourself on having the discipline to hit your goal. Gloat, brag it's a huge win.

So to start my day I lay still and express all that I am grateful  for starting with being grateful for feeling the freedom from the cigarette habit. Fresh breath, cleaner lungs, healthier heart and the desire to serve the world unchained.