Time for some Zzzzzzzzzzzzz's!

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Gramp and I Got Mason a little earlier than usual this afternoon so we could take him to the movie theater to see the movie Smurfs the lost village, he's been wanting to see it and it just came out on Friday plus it's 3D and Gramp and I enjoyed it too but I'm tired but it's a good tired, Mason's teeth are brushed and he's waiting for me to lay down with him, he's got school in the morning and he'll be getting off the bus here tomorrow so thank you everyone for all of the congrats on my awesome 1,000 day milestone, I really appreciate it. Quitting smoking at times was really difficult some of the craves were almost overpowering, notice I said almost but thankfully I hung on tight and kept stacking up my precious DOF and struggling or not just remember that we're in charge of whether we smoke or not and always choose NOT! you'll get through the rough patches and will reap the benefits of an Ex Smoker so hang tough and keep moving forward because there's absolutely life after cigarettes and it's super fantastic!