Holy Week

Discussion created by gregp136 on Apr 9, 2017
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Let me start by saying I was born, raised and am a practicing Roman Catholic (If I practice enough, I should eventually get it right). And today is Palm Sunday, which carries a lot of meaning at the beginning of this roller coaster week.  On Sunday Jesus rides into Jerusalem, all the praise from everyone, and then he sets up the whole body and blood thing on hole Thursday, only to be crucified on Friday, but wait, he rises on Sunday!  


Wow, what a ride.  


I do not wish to offend anyone, but this year, no surprise, I see the parallels to quitting smoking.  


A part of me has to die in order to get to the resurrection.  There is lots of pain involved, but we won't get there without the pain and struggle.  But the resurrection makes it all worth it.  It is the promised land!


And so we live with the roller coaster, and have little death and resurrections throughout the days of our quits, but slowly the death decline, and the resurrections increase.  It is at hand, and only by accepting the pain of leaving the nicotine behind will we reach the resurrection in the morning!