How Complicated Are You Going To Make This?

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We started smoking because we were idiots.

We continued smoking because we were addicted to nicotine.

So what excuse is there after we stop using nicotine?

What will be an excuse to start smoking again, say after 6 months.

We don't dream about nicotine. We dream about the act of smoking.

After those nicotine receptors have normalized,

it's thoughts and memories we've connected to smoking that bring people

back to smoking, PERIOD.

Anger, Fear, Stress, Depression, Joy, Grief.

Emotion, generally speaking, is any relatively brief conscious experience characterized by intense mental activity and a high degree of pleasure or displeasure. (Emotion - Wikipedia )

This means WE are creating the emotion.

There is no outside force making us smoke or want to smoke.

Did you notice I underlined


Stop and think. You can halt that thinking easily. Catch yourself and see.

Now, how do you lose those thoughts and memory connections you've

made 20 times a day for however many years you smoked.?


You start by changing your routine slightly and, over time,

you will forget about smoking.

Keep your emotions out of it.

We create and build those smoking thoughts.

We make them unmanageable.

If you will take this knowledge to heart, there are no excuses.

Stick with your DECISION TO NOT SMOKE.

And, Be A Winner In Your Own Eyes.

Time Is The Healer