White-knuckling a Quit

Discussion created by dwwms on Apr 4, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2017 by Mark

This term has popped up several times over the last month as I've become active on the site. It is not one that I was familiar with before now, but it really does explain a lot. I thought it might be useful particularly for us newbies to explore what this means.

It seems to me if you quit but don't really want to and somehow you maintain the quit - you're doing nothing but fighting the quit the whole time! It really explains why the last time I quit, I failed - it was because I was quitting more for my wife and not really for me. As altruistic as that sounds, it's a recipe for relapse.

I lasted for about 2-3 months fighting it the whole time - unable to think about anything else other than smoking! It was driving me crazy. I wouldn't allow myself to focus on the benefits of quitting (though I knew them) cause deep-down I really wanted the addiction to win.

If anyone has heard the term "dry-drunk", then white-knuckling is basically the same thing. A dry drunk is someone who has quit drinking, but hasn't accepted it and chosen to live life fully without it.

That's not where I want to be with my Quit. I want to be positive and embrace what life has to offer without needing a crutch.