Kinda Sorta One of those Days.

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Image result for running in circlesWednesday is usually my busiest day of the week.  Trying to get all of Wednesday's do's done.  Well it happened a couple of times today.  A slight crave keeps nagging me I can imagine right now because I have been pressed all day.  Wednesday everything happens.  Exercise class, bible study, choir rehearsal, bowling night special.  I have been going in circles most of the day and still haven't slowed down, but after the second time I said.  Let me go ride the train, do a few post to stay connected.  No I am not going to smoke.  Just this annoying thing that is going on because of a lot going on.   Anyway  I am here to say I don't do that anymore. Whatever it is will pass.   No  need to fear....EX is here.  Just a few more minutes I have choir rehearsal.   Dinner is still in the oven.  Trying to hang blinds that don't fit.  Wanted to get them done so I wouldn't be hanging them tonight but  looks like I will be in the window after dark.  I thought it was important to come here and write a note.  Blogging always helped me.  Anyway I just want you all to know that just because you think about a cigarette doesn't mean you have to smoke.  You can slow down and figure out what to do.  I chose to come here and blog and breathe.  794 days and a little nag came creeping.  It can go back from whence it came. I will try to slow down and just breathe.   Well I will talk to you later.  Got to run

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