How bad is it?

Discussion created by gregp136 on Mar 30, 2017
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Okay, so the urge hits.  This is a medium one.  It can be hard to describe.  Is it a hunger, a wanting?  And how close does it bring me to breaking down and smoking?  More than yesterday?  Less?


So I ask myself these questions, and I realize the very worst urge has yet to be that bad.  If I had a choice between one urge, and one shot in the gums at the dentist to deliver Novocaine, I would pick the urge in a minute.  So what makes quitting so hard?

Tomorrow makes quitting hard.

When the dentist comes at me with that needle, I know it will be over it one minute.  

But when I have my urge, my desire, I foolishly ask myself :

When will this end?

Will I feel this way tomorrow?

Will it be worse?  

How long can I hold out?

Really, 30 days?


Can I really hold out?

So my struggle is not with the "Nicotine free rushes", it is with my fears and doubts.  I need to enjoy the fact I am smoke free today!  The rest will take care of itself!