Smoking was NEVER my friend!

Discussion created by gregp136 on Mar 28, 2017
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I started smoking in the early 70's while working at Clark Gas station.  Something to fill the time between the cars, or that is what I told myself.  And pumping gas and lit cigarettes just made sense.  I was young and free and in college, and even at the beginning my body slowed down a bit.  My first quit was about 5 years later, and lasted a month.  

I did not like the taste.  I did not like the cost.  I did not like the time it took away from other things I enjoyed.


I did not like, most of all, that it controlled me.  It decided I NEEDED a smoke, so get up and go to the store.  Or get dirty looks from friends as I leave to light up.  

Quitting was always a goal, because I was not trying to get rid of a friend, I was trying to break free.  And as I went crawling back to cigarettes, after failing to quit, I hated them even more.  

But I will not crawl back to you this time!  You are out of my life.  I curse you!


Good bye, evil one!