5 Weeks today..

Discussion created by Kellybeth on Mar 27, 2017
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I have been smoke free for 5 weeks today. I wasn't sure I could do it but I did! 5 weeks is a long time and I'm so proud of myself. The other night I had a dream I was smoking and I decided I wasn't going to tell you guys. LOL. But everyday seems a tiny bit easier then the day before.

I just want to tell the newly quit smokers that are in the first few days that it does get better. It does get easier. Little by little I am getting myself back.

Have you ever seen that commercial that says that cigarettes are bullies? Well they are. I will not be told when to walk away from my child or a good tv show just to smoke. I am in control now NOT my addiction. At times it is still hard and I'm sure it will be for a while but I got this.

My Husband started taking Chantix. He only took it for about 3 weeks then stopped. During that 3 weeks he made no attempt to not smoke. Do I still live with a smoker. I still dump the ashtray and see his cigarettes and lighters on the counter. But I know now that I can have a thought of wanting to smoke and just let that thought pass.