Cigarette Butts

Discussion created by dwwms on Mar 26, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2019 by Mike.n.Atlanta

I thought I'd taken care of discarding all the reminders of smoking, then as I'm getting ready for church, I pull out pants and discover there's a cigarette butt in the pocket. Didn't trigger too much of a craving - just pulled off the pants and threw them in the dirty clothes.

Two thoughts here - for all of us Newbie Quitters, it's very important to discard all the things that are tied to smoking. Ashtrays, lighters, of course cigarettes (or any other form of nicotine you used), wash your clothes, etc. You do not need any extra reminders of smoking, not any forms of temptation.

Second thought - as a smoker, it irritated me that others just throw their butts on the ground, out the car window, etc. Granted, over my long history of smoking, I'd thrown my share on the ground, but about 20 years ago, I decided that was litter and if my choice was to smoke, the least I could be was responsible. People would say, but putting it in your pocket makes you smell. WAKE UP - you smell like smoke, you don't notice it, other smokers don't notice it, but everybody else does! I work in a downtown park and I could not begin to count the number of butts I pick up keeping the park clean. Why do (some) smokers the world is their ashtray??

Sorry - just needed to vent.